About AiSpanner

At AiSpanner, we believe there is a better way to do maintenance project management and safety planning using data, visualisation, intelligent digital twin and analytics.

The design phase integrates safety, operability and maintainability, generating large amounts of data and knowledge. AiSpanner captures, augments and integrates engineering data with operational and maintenance data into a single visual, analytical and spatial environment.

The AiSpanner Platform is an integrated suite of applications for the safe, compliant, and efficient management of the industrial workforce. Connecting workers to a single source of data increases productivity, accountability, and traceability and connects managers to improved visibility and enhanced real-time decision making. The AiSpanner Platform promotes better individual performance and empowers collaborative teamwork.

This results in improved financial outcomes, optimised resource allocation, continuous process improvement, and increased effectiveness, safety, and productivity.

We truly believe in the transformative power of a single real-time data model to simplify communications, enhanced collaboration, safety, and maintenance planning.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Physical, Digital and Human Assets working In Harmony


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