Connected Execution Built for the field

Connected Execution Built for the field

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Simplifies the Complex

AiSpanner's connected execution

AiSpanner transforms teams into connected workers empowered with the technologies, tools, and insights they need to excel, maximise productivity and overcome execution challenges.

By sharing data and insights in real-time anywhere employees need it, AiSpanner breaks down barriers between departments and creates a more adaptive workforce that can:

  • Access all essential project information when out in field for execution.
  • Have the latest version of maintenance information.
  • Create and manage daily plan for execution.
  • Easily create and track Issues, Toolbox meeting, Safety incidents and RFI.
  • Anticipate and act rapidly on changes.
  • Solve problems in real time.
  • Maximise resource utilisation.
  • Reduce losses due to poor quality.
  • Work through complex tasks and prevent human errors.

Strategies for Maximising Maintenance Productivity with Connected Workers

Daily Plan

Daily Plan

AiSpanner create daily plan from planning and scheduling for project execution. Logic of task network, timing and durations of activities in hours.

Toolbox Talk

Create Toolbox Talks in advance, for anything that is important to execution of tasks during planning stage. Include potential hazards, risks, previous safety incidents and more.

Toolbox Talk
Safety Register

Safety Register

Centralise incident records and reporting. Record and report on all incidents and near misses when they happen. Create your own incident forms and make them available to all employees and third parties. Efficiently manage corrective and preventative actions to prevent reoccurrence of incidents.

Issue Register

The Execution Issue Register captures and keeps track of all formal issues arising during execution of maintenance project. It is regularly monitored by the Project Manager throughout the project.

Issue Register


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